A Modern Monarch: Mixing Timeless Elegance with Playful Charisma, the Future King Sets the Bar for Sophisticated Gentlemen Everywhere!

Champions of confidence, we know that looking good isn't just about caring for your skin. It's also about how you present yourself, like the impeccably dressed King Charles. Despite being a lifelong target for photographers, there are few pictures of the King looking bad in his clothes. This is because he is a perfect dresser, totally classical without being dull. His clothes fit him perfectly, even his skiing and shooting kits are fitted, and his safari shirts show attention to proportions. The evidence that he has fun getting dressed is strong, and the fact that he continues to wear his high-quality clothes because they age and wear beautifully is a lesson for us all in sustainability.

By choosing natural materials and taking care of our things, we can signal the kind of self-assurance that King Charles embodies. He proves that finding, perfecting, and sticking with a successful approach to getting dressed is a metaphor for the character traits needed from modern royalty. Whatever it is that King Charles is meant to do, we can trust him to look good doing it. And with our all-natural skincare products, we can help you look and feel your best too.


Want your skin to feel fit for a royal occasion? Well, you've come to the right place. Basil, our hero ingredient, means 'King' in Greek, after all... 
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