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‘The Most Measured Man in Human History’

“Our minds are given unquestioned authority to do what they want, when they want, how they want, so long as you're not violating the laws of society,” Johnson explained to me when we first spoke late last year. “We said, ‘What does my liver want? And what does my heart want?’ And then we rearranged life to make sure it's getting it.”

Picture this: It's 5 am, and you're up bright and early, feeling refreshed and ready to start your day. You step onto a high-tech scale that measures your weight, body fat, and hydration levels. Next, you pop a thermometer in your ear to check your body temperature, which you've learned runs a few degrees cooler than average, a sign of a longer lifespan. Then, you take 54 pills, drink a "green giant" concoction packed with healthy nutrients, and wear a unique cap that stimulates hair growth. All before you even start your intense workout routine that includes "backward sledges" and "IsoTib ankle rotations." You might think this sounds like torture, but not according to Bryan Johnson, who follows this rigorous daily routine. He calls himself a "professional rejuvenation athlete" and finds tremendous pleasure.


As a tech entrepreneur, he used to run himself ragged in pursuit of profit but realized that caring for his mind and body was essential for making high-quality decisions. Johnson believes he's blazing a trail for the future of health and well-being and has the results to back it up. His fitness tests show he's equivalent to an 18-year-old, slowed his ageing pace by 28 per cent, and even reversed his epigenetic age by more than five years. But it was not cheap. Johnson estimates his regimen will cost him $2 million this year alone.


Despite the prohibitive costs, Johnson is on a mission to inspire others to think about the potential differences they could make to their own lives, even if they don't have the infrastructure or willpower to maintain his protocol. So, if you're ready to live to 120 or 150, get ready to eat a lot of broccoli!


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