Regenerative Goats Leather Wash Bag

BAZ & CO Leather Wash Bag

Transport your BAZ & CO lineup in style.

We've teamed up with leather experts Billy Tannery to create the perfect wash bag in our signature green. Big enough to fit all your BAZ products in, yet small enough to throw in a gym or weekend bag.

Large: W29cm x H21cm

DELIVERY: Aim to deliver the next working day, including Saturdays

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  • What makes us different

    We make our range with antioxidant-rich and naturally anti-inflammatory basil, the green giant of skincare. Vegan-friendly and free from anything artificial. How to use them - every day, preferably in a cold shower. As easy as 123. Body Wash, Exfoliator/Cleanser for the face and then moisturise following a towel down!

  • Ingredients

    All-natural plant ingredients, perfect for all skin types.

    No parabens. No phthalates. No soap. No detergents. No sulfates. No synthetic chemicals. No artificial colour or fragrances. No harsh exfoliants.


  • Copper pot distillation

    Copper pot distillation is a traditional technique that dates centuries. We use these concentrated oils for their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties.





Copper pot distillation