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How James Sleater Wakes Up

I work most Saturdays but try to ensure that Sundays are always devoted to family, friends and my new dog...

Cold or warm shower? Warm

We’ve long hailed the importance of a morning routine, and for good reason. It’s been said that taking extra time in the morning to really craft rituals and a routine that works for you can set you up for an ultra productive and healthier day. Today, we’re chatting to James Sleater, one of the most recognisable faces in menswear, about how he starts his day.


James is the owner of Savile Row tailor, Cad & The Dandy, which makes bespoke and ready to wear suits for modern men (and women) and in September 2020, he opened The Service, Savile Row’s first and only coffee shop. He’s also a regular face on the menswear fashion circuit and you’ll likely have spotted him looking impeccably well-dressed in street style pictures during fashion weeks. Over to you, James.


What time does your morning usually start?

7 o’clock, on the dot. I don't recall the last time I slept in and while I’m not a morning person, I really don’t like the idea of languishing in bed and not getting started on the day ahead. What are your three morning non-negotiables?

Tea, coffee, and listening to the news. Coffee or tea?

Both. I own a coffee shop called The Service on Savile Row so caffeine is ever present in its many forms.

Cold or warm shower?

Warm. I know that the cold shower routine is something that I need to work on, so I’ll try it. I have so many friends who swear by it for its benefits.

Must-have products to wake you up?

A good and nice smelling shower product, aftershave and caffeine.

One thing you do for your mind and body?

I am obsessed with smells, so I always have an oil burner on and most evenings put oils on my pillow. It makes me fall asleep in seconds.

What does your commute look like?

Most commutes are far from ideal but mine is a mix of car, train and tube. It sounds like a lot, but each lasts for about 15 minutes or so, so in the grand scheme of things, it could be worse. Mayfair is actually pretty easy to get to.

How is your weekend morning routine different from your weekday morning routine?

I work most Saturdays but try to ensure that Sundays are always devoted to family, friends and my new dog...