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Embracing the Chill: Staying Fit and Injury-Free This Winter


As the nights draw in and the mercury dips, I reflect on the journey from the fields of Herefordshire to the Chilterns’ serene landscapes. Much like nurturing a crop or cultivating a skincare revolution with BAZ & CO, personal fitness, especially in our 30s and beyond, requires patience, care, and a bit of innovative thinking. 

Fitness After 40: A Gentle Reminder
They say life begins at 40, but our muscles often sing a different tune. With each year, they plead for a little more attention, a bit more care. It’s a tale all too familiar as I send well wishes to my friend Fred and the “Giles Incident” at a recent Christmas party and an unfortunate lower back! A stark reminder that as we age, our approach to fitness needs to evolve.

Muscle Care: Your Shield Against Age
Muscles are not just about lifting weights or looking good. They’re our body’s shock absorbers, guardians against the jarring impacts of daily life. I read recently that Andy Williams, a renowned sports surgeon, highlights the critical role of muscles in injury prevention. So, what’s the secret? Strength and stability exercises. Think squats, lunges, and those thigh muscles – your knees will thank you later.

Winter Woes: Skiing, Walking, and Running
Ah, the joys of winter sports! Preparation is vital, whether hitting the slopes, enjoying a brisk Boxing Day run or carrying logs up three flights of stairs ( thanks, Tor ). A little bit of pre-conditioning goes a long way. Wall sitting, lateral squats, and the proper footwear can make all the difference between a winter wonderland and a winter of discontent.

Indoor Alternatives: Your Home Gym
Are you struggling to step outside? No worries. The beauty of having a home gym is that you bring the outdoors in. Resistance training, yoga, and simple body-weight exercises can help maintain those vital muscles.

A Little Nudge: Staying Motivated
It’s not just about the physical. Mental well-being plays a huge role in staying active. Meditation, setting small, achievable goals, and embracing the beauty of a winter landscape can be incredibly uplifting. Not least keeping up that morning self-care routine, chaps!

As we nurture our skin with the natural goodness of BAZ & CO, let’s also remember to feed our muscles with the care they deserve. Stay warm, stay fit, and most importantly, stay injury-free.

Let me know what gets you going this winter.

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