Ways to help you feel your best next year and beyond

Ways to help you feel your best next year and beyond

Resolutions, made better

A recent YouGov survey said that in 2021, only 16% of people in the UK made New Year’s resolutions.

A recent YouGov survey said that in 2021, only 16% of people in the UK made New Year’s resolutions. While that seems low, we were pleased to read that health and fitness were at the top of the list for those people that did make resolutions. But why was that percentage so low and why do approximately 80% of the resolutions that people make fail? 

A huge part of the population makes resolutions to fulfil something for someone else, because they feel like resolutions should be made, rather than because they want them to be made. There’s a lot of pressure that comes with making New Year’s resolutions and that’s why, more often than not, they fail. It’s also why we, at BAZ & CO, place so much emphasis on rituals and routines – and not just resolutions. We believe that health and wellbeing (both physical and mental) isn’t necessarily linear, but that it’s about a 360 approach. Making daily, weekly, monthly and then yearly changes – no matter how small they are – can add up to lend a helping hand that’ll make us genuinely feel better. 

We believe that this 360 approach is about upgrading your health, which will upgrade your life. BAZ & CO was established because our founder started to see the genuine benefits of a healthy and holistic routine when it came to skincare and beyond. It’s been said that if you win the morning, you’ll win the day and that’s exactly why BAZ & CO was founded. We understand – and want to share – that small steps, like getting outside of your comfort zone with a cold shower daily, using products made from the purest and very best ingredients, taking care of your mind and body through exercise, breathwork and meditation, can make a marked difference in the type of life that you lead. 

To us, creating simple and easy rituals that’ll benefit both mental and physical health is about setting standards for yourself. We believe in making resolutions that fit into our lives or our standards and not just doing things because others are doing it. But how do you define that? The rituals that you set for yourself need to be intentional and relevant to you. As modern men, the common stressors that we all face will be pretty similar. We’re contending with an incredibly ‘on’ world, where we are plagued with notifications, blue light, too much screen time and overstimulation. We’ve also got chemicals, pollutants, preservatives and unnatural smells, sights, sounds to deal with. And then there are money woes, family issues, and the daily balance of work and play. It’s no wonder that we’re all feeling low-energy and low-vibrational on a daily basis. We’re highlighting these things not to make anyone feel isolated but in fact the opposite, to show that we’re all in it together. We’re here to encourage everyone to make the relevant changes to move through each day, month, and year with ease. 

Want to wake up well and move through each day with less stress, anxiety and inflammation? Start your morning with cold therapy (shower, plunge, swim, whatever suits you). Ready to reduce toxicity in your life and sleep and breathe better? Implement clean products, like those that we sell at BAZ & CO, to balance your hormones, realign your microbiome and reduce skin issues like acne, rashes and more. Want to have more serotonin and less cortisol? Start each morning with 30 seconds of silence, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth and slowly start to build that up to more seconds and then minutes. These aren’t difficult things to implement, they are small and tangible everyday changes that you can set with intention and see a genuine difference in your overall health within days of them being implemented. In our minds, this is all about discipline and being disciplined about sticking to these small but mighty changes will ensure that you’ll notice a difference. Consistency is key: trust us. 

We’ve spoken only in the past about how important we feel it is to take a holistic approach to both mental and physical health and it’s been a huge driving factor in our business. We’ve love to hear from you as to which daily changes you make and how they affect your overall health. Find us @bazandcoskincare and reach out to us with any rituals that you plan on taking into the new year.